ProMEV è un’azienda giovane e di giovani, professionale e preparata, rapida ed innovativa, determinata al consolidamento di tre obbiettivi: INNOVAZIONE, TECNOLOGIA e RICERCA. Nel 2006 proMEV ha vinto il premio per l’innovazione tecnologica Startcup Milano, prima tra tutte nella provincia di Lecco.

Promev srl

Design and rapid prototyping

Promev srl is a young and dynamic company, specialized and committed for more than 10 years, in the planning and implementation of customized skull prostheses in PMMA.

With over 20 years of 3D printing experience and rapid prototyping, we have developed a technology to remotely print customized skull prostheses to ensure the best solution and to allow it to be disclosed in most countries, especially developing ones. More than 500 clinical situations dealt with, well-studied and resolved. In fact we are producing other neurosurgical solutions. Innovation, technology and research are our strong values. We are a group of professionals including well-trained neurosurgeon, as well as 3d specialists.

Owns 10 patents, one of which is the one on the "magic suture", or a Self Closing Suture (SCS). In addition to this, other patents are: a cranial perforator (TRIVELLUM) that solves definitively the accidental damage caused by the conventional milling cutter (2% of plunging) Another patent is that relating to a holder (TENETOR) for cerebral biopsy frame less and for free hand brain endoscopy.

For over 15 years, we design and manufacture Biomodels (patient-specific anatomical replica) for neurosurgical planning, training, teaching, informat consent for the patient and the construction of a library, which is a collection of three-dimensional anatomy useful for training and learning. Promev proposes not only as a product, not just as a company with a portfolio of 10 patents of medical devices in Neurosurgical field and not only but above all as a structure capable of continuously evolving with device problem solving: this is due to the important neurosurgical experience that allows you to know not only Neurosurgery needs, tricks, and defects, but also to give advice and adjustments to each product to make it safer, useful and usable . Our design up to prototype and production cycle setting is made using the 6 Sigma methodology.


Cooperation Profile

We are looking:

for investors working in the field of life sciences. Both industry and private equity are interested in entering a high growth market with a global value of over $ 5 billion.

We offer:

an innovative, ONLY ONE transversal surgical suture device, which operates in a closed market with only one competitor (operating only in the cardiac and vascular field) characterized by technical know-how with high growth potential.

Self closing suture is a suture solution designed for narrow and deep surgical fields, applicable with a dedicated holder, without the need to give the knot, with a significant time savings consumable. The upgrading of this device also includes a suture, even wire-free, with unquestionable advantages: there is no waste of material; the risk of accidental injuries to doctors and nurses is completely abolished (100%)-

This is a highly innovative suture, not present on the market, with unimaginable problem solving features. We have submitted to the leading Neurosurgeons, Maxillo Facials, ORL, in USA, TAIWAN, ITALY, BRAZIL experts who have expressed interest in collaborating on development in in their respective specialties.

The PCT International Patent Application, a new medical device, has been filed. Our technical solution will transform the way of suturing tissues both in open and endoscopic surgery and is applicable to all surgical specialties


Industrial partners working in the surgical sutures or interested in entering;
Investors working in the field of life sciences, interested in exploiting-acquiring the patent or acquiring the company ( Promev srl) with all patents and know-how. Promev has a portfolio of 6 innovative products that optimizes trading efforts towards customers and protects against the risk of "flop" that could have a single product. Minimizing fixed costs will allow even annual breaks even if sales are behind schedule.



Realization of a new way of sitting, for the treatment of acute and chronic LBP (Low Back Pain). POSTURA: synthesis of a finite element study of Ergonomics and of "Eugonomics”.

Starting from neurosurgical medical knowledge regarding the problems of the spine, interpreting it with the knowledge of mechanics, kinetics with application of finite element studies, we have designed and produced a device called POSTURA which represents the model of a new way of sitting , for a new way of interpreting the time of "waiting". "Low Back Pain" affects 80% of the adult population. It is well known that fixed postures maintained for a long time, during daily activities, force the spine to assume different conformations from those physiologically correct; they cause compression on the intervertebral discs. The standing station that the man takes and maintains from the morning (upon waking up) and until the evening (before sleep) can be considered, for the spine, a fixed posture: incorrect. This causes an overload on the intervertebral discs. The discs are natural shock absorbers that work by regulating the flow in outlet and inlet of "water" (physiological liquid) which nourishes the material of which the disc is made; in fact the disc is not fed by the blood like other organs, but by an action of "pump", realized by the alternation of loading and unloading of the "water".

The correct and correct amount of "water" associated with the right load ensures the efficiency of the disk function: optimal thickness and hydration.
This explains a curious peculiarity, namely the difference in height of the man in the morning compared to the evening before going to bed: ex.
In the morning height 175 when in the evening the height is reduced to 173 cm. The loss of more than 2 cm is due to the dehydration of the disks when they are subjected to prolonged continuous overload loading.
The lying position, and in particular with the legs raised at a right angle, naturally realizes the recovery of hydration and therefore of the height of the disc with physiological restoration of the shock absorber function.
The interruption even for a few tens of minutes in the day, the standing or sitting position, ie the "verticality" of the vertebral column according to a physiological criterion, not only realizes the interruption of the load-overload on the disks but reverses the dehydration mechanism allowing for that precise period the rehydration of the disks.
This "disc gym" promotes optimal maintenance of the disc structures. It determines a prolonged conservation over time of the structural quality of the disc moving forward in the months or years, "aging" ie the discal degeneration (physiological) with the noticeable huge benefits on the attenuation-resolution of low back pain and quality of life.
POSTURA is the synthesis of 2 "lines" of 2 "curves": the “ACCEPTANCE” line and the FACILITY line. The “ACCEPTANCE” line, designed by interpreting and modifying the line of Le Corbusier chaise longue associated with the FACILITY line, creates a winning synthesis for well-being. The ease of ascent and descent from POSTURA is the distinctive and certainly disruptive element in the actuality of the majority of proposals inspired by the chaise longue.
POSTURA stands as an innovative seat especially for large waiting areas: just think of the waiting rooms of hospitals, airports, railway stations, but also public or private facilities where waiting, often prolonged, standing or on sessions that are often non-ergonomic and uncomfortable, it becomes an important problem.
POSTURA allows a regenerating expectation especially for the part of the weaker population such as the elderly, the disabled, the waiting women.
Using POSTURA to interrupt the verticality of the column, the following advantages are obtained:

  • immediate feeling of wellbeing for the quick discharge of the column and limbs
  • the interruption of dehydration with consequent rehydration of the disc
  • simplicity of ascent and descent favored by the FACILITY line which, in contrast to almost all the sessions (ranging from 30 to 40 cm), offers a height of 67 cm. POSTURA pursues the philosophy of the "intermittent discharge" of the lumbar spine, essential to reduce pain, improve the shock absorbing activity of the disks, reduce the load on the facet joints.

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